Agency Process

In order to meet the regulatory framework requirements for Australia and New Zealand, the aspects to consider are telecommunications, radiocommunications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety and possibly energy efficiency. Outlined below are the general steps for a simple device to which only EMC compliance applies.

  • Obtain a test report to the applicable EMC standard.
  • Prepare descriptive documents of your product as tested to the applicable EMC standard. This includes model numbering, software and firmware revisions. Also strongly recommended are any additional identifying methods such as, but not limited to, clear colour images of the internal and external views and printed circuit board revision numbers.
  • The test report and descriptive documents form the basis of the compliance folder, along with the Supplier Declaration of Conformity to be prepared by Braco Compliance.
  • Braco Compliance provides a copy of the Agency Agreement to be signed and witnessed on behalf of the importer and client company and a copy returned.
  • On receipt of the above client documents, Braco Compliance issues SDoC. Device can now be marked with RCM logo.
  • You are now able to supply your product to market.

For further information, please contact Braco Compliance Ltd.