Labelling requirements are laid down in the Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Radiocommunications Labelling (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Notice 2008 and the New Zealand Radiocommunications (Compliance) Notice 2013 No. 2.

Example label

Form of Marking:

Equipment must be marked with the RCM logo.

Size of Marking:

The RCM logo shall be marked no less than 3 mm in height.


The compliance marking shall be placed on the external surface of the equipment as near as possible to the equipment identification marking. It is permitted to additionally place compliance marking on packaging and documentation.


The compliance marking must be durable and applied permanently or in a manner that makes removal or obliteration difficult. Compliance marking applied identically to the rating marking, for which there exists applicable electrical safety standard’s durability test methods, is a recommended method of meeting the Notice’s durability requirements.

Product Marking Alternatives:

The logo shall be unaltered but if the above labelling requirements cannot be met, then there exists alternative methods of meeting the marking requirements involving the packaging and documentation.


Under the current labelling arrangements, the three previous compliance marks (C-Tick and A-Tick (both with Supplier Code Number SCN) and RCM) are consolidated into the single compliance mark — the RCM. For the four applicable ACMA Labelling Notices, the intent was to impact marking only – the other requirements were unchanged. However, the electrical safety requirements were affected. Please refer to the Regulator's respective websites for current status: ACMA, RSM and ERAC.

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